Trauma doesn’t have to be a near-death experience.

If you’ve experienced an event in your life that you can’t quite shake – something that comes up often, causes flashbacks or nightmares, or makes you feel shaky or tearful or sleepy whenever you think about it, you may have experienced a trauma.

Sometimes traumas occur during combat or a serious car accident. Other times, this happens when we have a bad fall, a negative or nonconsensual sexual experience, or even a “holyshit that almost happened” near disaster.

There are two specific treatment strategies I use to help people process and heal from all levels of traumatic incidents.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Prolonged Exposure therapy is a highly effective evidence-based treatment strategy for PTSD. It involves talking through traumatic experiences and challenging the avoidant tendencies that often come from trying to manage the emotions following a traumatic incident.

SOMATIC Experiencing

The somatic experiencing theory of trauma suggests that trauma symptoms result from incidents where we do not have the opportunity to fully process and digest a time where we could not fight or flee. Our body naturally wants to come back to baseline, but we often prevent ourselves from fully processing the experience by holding back, constricting, or limiting our normal response. As a result, we get stuck or frozen in the experience and our body continues to re-experience these traumatic events through nightmares, flashbacks, and chronic hypervigilance. If you’re stuck in a trauma, you haven’t come back to baseline. I can help you do just that.